FAQs: Dubai Driving License & Driving Courses | Excellence Driving
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How can I get the RTA learning permit?

Who are considered beginners?

I have a license from my home country, would that make a difference in the course I need to enrol for?

What is the eligibility criteria to learn driving and acquire a license in the Emirate?

Can I apply for a Dubai license course if I have a residency visa from any other emirate of Dubai

Where are lectures held?

Where can I get my eye test done from?

Are there any exemptions for citizens of any specified countries?

Can a student get a license within registered classes?

I have an open file with another driving institute, can I transfer my file to Excellence Driving?

What is the duration of the desert driving course?

How many days are required to start the lectures and practical training?

Is there a different license to drive a manual or automatic gear vehicle?

Is there any option for the people who require getting a Driving license on a fast or urgent basis?

What if I am absent for my Class/test?

If I can't attend a training class, how can I cancel it?

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?