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The UAE has made keen efforts to ensure the consumer’s confidence in the market and to create a fair relationship between consumers and businesses. As per the Federal Law No. 24, consumers are granted the following rights, which Excellence Driving promises to uphold as well:

  • The Right to Safety: to be protected from products, production processes and services that may cause harm to health and safety
  • The Right to Know: to know the accurate information concerning the goods and services (ex: origin of products, expiry date and ingredients of food items etc.)
  • The Right to Choose: to have multiple options of items and services at competitive prices and quality
  • The Right to Representation: to express opinions to develop the goods, services, prices and availability
  • The Right to Be Informed: to acquire knowledge and skill and awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities through continuous awareness programmes.

By being part of the learning community of Excellence Driving, you are expected to train in our center and have the following rights and responsibilities:

  • Get all information regarding subscription, training, procedures and tests.
  • Select the trainer you wish to train you, and it is up to you if you wish to change the same.
  • you have the right to determine the day suitable for training, and it is up to you if you wish to change the same.
  • Females have the right to be trained by a female or male instructor, provided a NOC issued by husband or parent for a male instructor.
  • Review the competent supervisor/ manager, to complain without fear about any failure in service provided by the centre.
  • Trainee Should be present at the specified training place and should notify the centre if they wish to change the test dates and it should be in one day before the date of training or test providing reasonable excuses.
  • Trainee may contact the center before (24) hours if there is a genuine reason for delaying his/her training classes and he/she should report to Excellence Driving manager before re-joining training.
  • Receive the training curriculum approved and regulated by RTA
  • Receive a clearance certificate issued by center, in case of passing the final test or upon cancelling the file.
  • Center ensures the privacy and confidentiality of information provided by the customers.
  • Trainee can bring children that the center shall take care of them throughout the training period.
  • Trainee should take into account and respect the privacy of other trainees and employees working in the center.
  • Trainee should hold training card with training permit issued by RTA throughout all training lessons specified for, not to hold of these documents, trainee shall not get training.
  • Female trainees should hold NOC issued by RTA by trainer through all training lessons specified for, in absence of these documents, female trainee shall not get the training.
  • Paid fees are not refundable except in special cases determined by the authorized personnel
  • Trainee shall be responsible to adhere to all information submitted about the dates & methods of work and training & testing.
  • People of determination shall receive all assistance required from the team at Excellence Driving.
  • Receive all information regarding practical & theoretical test as per your performance.
  • Upon not passing a test, you have the right to get an explanatory document stating powers and weak points of performance.
  • To contribute for decisions to specify & change Test date before time enough.
  • In case the trainee is absent for any one of the tests by RTA, he/she should pay the test fees again.
  • If training is not completed within 6 months after last final road test, then validity of the training permit issued by RTA shall expire automatically and the trainee should pay fees for renewing the permit.
  • Cancel your profile according to special control & conditions.